How to Create a Custom Pen

I have observed so many of my fellow Master Pen Turners sell their pens for frankly ridiculously low prices. I have videoed much of my master pen turning journey as I have pursued my unique expression in the form of exotic hardwood twist pens. This website and my YouTube channel are my way to give back to this generous and worldwide community of pen turners. I have conservatively spent 1,000 + hours viewing your YouTube videos over the past years. I am an avid learner and student of your techniques, tools, finishes and processes.

My message here is to please find your way to customize your pens, by making your mark that demonstrates your pride of your craftsmanship and/or a way to personalize your pens for your customers. What I am sharing here took me over two years to figure out . . . hope this informs, instructs and inspires your further mastery.

Love & Respect,


Peter J. Reding, Master Pen Turner

Pen Blank – sawing safely One potentially series issue we have as pen turners is dealing with very small pen blanks. How do saw these small blanks & keep my fingers?!!I love bringing exotic woods back from my travels to India, Singapore, and even when traveling here in the USA.. and I also love milling the wood down to a ¾ inch by ¾ inch “stick” that ranges from 6” to 18” in length to have for future custom clients. I initially tried doing this on my band saw – a very poor way to get straight clean dimensions and nearly impossible when starting with larger stock. so, I quickly went to my table saw – and I have had great success.   This video was shot a few days after getting the Grr-Ripper© . . . it has been Grr-Reat!

How to Create a Pen Decal One of the primary methods I use (and have perfected over the past 2 years) is applying custom decals in a permanent fashion to the side of my custom pen’s wood barrel. This video shows many detailed steps to make the actual decal.

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